2022-03-13 David KerkeslagerShift over rest of choices to IntegerChoices main
2022-03-13 David KerkeslagerMigrate route difficulty to use new IntegerChoices
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerRefactor calculation of route grade
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerNicer display of currently logged-in user
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerSome nicer display logic
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerRefactor out the merging logic
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerAdd Mountain Project URLs
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerAdd user detail view
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerSome admin and related name stuff for user profiles
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerAdd a user profile
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerAdd weight record modeling
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerAdmin interface for nutrition and training
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerDisplay sub-areas in the areas list
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerAdd todos and ticks
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerStart exposing stuff in admin interface
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerFix related names
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerAdd a nav bar
2022-03-04 David KerkeslagerAdd a basic index and some models for each area
2022-03-03 David KerkeslagerAdd climbing models
2022-03-02 David KerkeslagerAdd apps for the planned areas
2022-03-01 David KerkeslagerLicensed under the AGPL
2022-03-01 David KerkeslagerAdd a basic index page
2022-03-01 David KerkeslagerSet up static file location
2022-03-01 David KerkeslagerDowngrade Django to highest version supported by server
2022-03-01 David KerkeslagerAdd a basic Django project