2022-01-14 David KerkeslagerUpdate master
2020-07-17 David KerkeslagerAdd nvm
2020-06-06 David KerkeslagerFix screen/bash recursing infinitely when screen is...
2019-08-28 David KerkeslagerAllow project-specific vimrcs
2019-08-23 David KerkeslagerClear history from previous sessions before starting
2019-08-23 David KerkeslagerSwitch to less annoying completion mode
2019-08-23 David KerkeslagerMore readline configuration
2019-08-23 David KerkeslagerAdd .editrc for vim bindings in more places
2019-08-23 David KerkeslagerAdd .inputrc to get vi keybindings for readline programs
2019-07-09 David KerkeslagerCreate visual cues for whitespace
2019-06-04 David KerkeslagerAdd support for machine-specific bashrcs
2019-06-04 David KerkeslagerPut on_prompt() setting with its implementation
2019-06-04 David KerkeslagerAdd support for virtualenvs in .venv
2018-09-07 David KerkeslagerMac OS specific stuff to work with homebrew
2018-02-19 David KerkeslagerFix the issue where bashrc always activates in subdirec...
2017-05-26 David KerkeslagerRemove .gemrc since I haven't developed Ruby in a while
2016-08-15 David KerkeslagerCorrected indentation comments
2016-07-06 David KerkeslagerPrevent pip from running if there isn't a virtualenv
2016-06-09 David KerkeslagerClean up ruby stuff (haven't done ruby in years)
2016-06-09 David KerkeslagerDon't show line numbers in vim
2016-05-31 David KerkeslagerAdded gpg conf"
2016-05-28 David KerkeslagerAdded an installer and used git push simple
2016-04-20 David KerkeslagerRemove alias I never use, add an alias that cleans...
2015-08-12 David KerkeslagerSet default tabs to 2 and make Python the exception...
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerChanging licensing
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerFiletype-specific tabstops
2015-08-04 David Kerkeslagerglobstar wasn't working so remove it
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerRemoving redundant screen selection
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerMinor updates.
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerRemove python-specific stuff
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerPulling in some ideas from the trisquel .bashrc
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerRethinking my workflow a bit
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdded vi keybindings to my command line!
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdded support for nvm to the .bashrc
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdding a .emacs configuration
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerDecided I only want user-installed cabal stuff
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerChanged .bashrc to activate virtualenv environments...
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdding a workaround so installed binaries get loaded...
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerDe-crufted the .vimrc.
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerRun homebrew programs instead of system-provided programs.
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdding .bash_profile, which on Mac OS X Lion is sourced...
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdded and then removed some vim plugins
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdding a global .gitignore.
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdding rvm to the .bashrc
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdding a license and a readme.
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdding a fix for a Mac OSX issue where .profile is...
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerTurn off error bells and visual bells.
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdded support for automatically applying changes the...
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdding in some bash-style tab completion.
2015-08-04 David KerkeslagerAdding some ideas from nvie's .vimrc (
2011-07-20 David KerkeslagerAdding a .gemrc with --no-rdoc and --no-ri because...
2010-08-25 David KerkeslagerAdded bad whitespace highlighting.
2010-08-15 David KerkeslagerChanged the color scheme and unbound the arrow keys.
2010-07-13 David KerkeslagerAdded my .gitconfig.
2010-07-09 David KerkeslagerRemoved clang and gcc aliases.
2010-07-06 David KerkeslagerAdding my existing configuration files.