2021-08-23 David KerkeslagerAdd symbol and structure support master
2021-08-23 David KerkeslagerStart working on the interpeter
2021-08-22 David KerkeslagerAdd an interpreter
2021-01-03 David KerkeslagerMake the . operator into an instruction
2021-01-03 David KerkeslagerMake __field__ take a symbol instead of a string
2021-01-03 David KerkeslagerMake stuctures and lists work
2021-01-03 David KerkeslagerGet all examples compiling, though output is not correct
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerImplemented closures
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerWrap thread properties in getters/setters
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerStart implementing functions
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerImplement variable length arguments, but really only...
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerImplement and/or, introducing jumps and labels
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerImplemented integer comparison
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerAdded booleans
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerImplement negatives, use typedef
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerImplement pow
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerVariables and basic math
2019-09-30 David KerkeslagerGenerate a C program (which has a memory error after...
2019-09-28 David KerkeslagerRemove dead namedtuple
2019-09-28 David KerkeslagerHandle anonymous lambdas
2019-09-28 David KerkeslagerGenerate structures
2019-08-28 David KerkeslagerSimplify list construction
2019-08-28 David KerkeslagerAdd support for lists to IR, clean up
2019-08-24 David KerkeslagerAdd environments
2019-08-24 David KerkeslagerHandle arguments to functions
2019-08-23 David KerkeslagerFix/simplify the generation of if/else statements
2019-08-23 David KerkeslagerFix the generation of function CIR
2019-08-20 David KerkeslagerAdd Rope_length (mostly as a way to add __attribute__...
2019-08-19 David KerkeslagerBegin adding some C code
2019-07-24 David KerkeslagerBetter TODOs
2019-07-24 David KerkeslagerAdd a very basic optimization pass
2019-07-24 David KerkeslagerRemove unnecessary pushing/popping for integer literal...
2019-07-24 David KerkeslagerRemove unecessary pushing/popping for function calls
2019-07-24 David KerkeslagerRemove unecessary pushing/popping for function arguments
2019-07-24 David KerkeslagerRemove unecessary pushing/popping for string literals
2019-07-18 David KerkeslagerGenerate lambda expressions
2019-07-18 David KerkeslagerUse flatten()
2019-07-18 David KerkeslagerAdd crossplatform IR generation for if/else statements
2019-07-18 David KerkeslagerAdd crossplatform IR generation up to the point of...
2019-07-17 David KerkeslagerMake it easier to run the tests without memory leak...
2019-07-17 David KerkeslagerMake it easier to run without memory leak tests
2019-05-11 David KerkeslagerUpdate Jinja
2019-05-11 David KerkeslagerUpdate the README
2018-01-06 David KerkeslagerAdd support for nested functions with the same name...
2018-01-06 David KerkeslagerDesugar function definitions to assignments to lambda
2018-01-05 David KerkeslagerAdded lambda expressions
2018-01-04 David KerkeslagerRemove list get expression
2018-01-04 David KerkeslagerAdded a CPS conversion pass (which currently does not...
2017-12-31 David KerkeslagerDesugaring pass (#9)
2017-12-31 David KerkeslagerRemoved one more test using ternary comparison
2017-12-31 David KerkeslagerRemove support for ternary comparison operators
2017-12-30 David KerkeslagerAdded two more compiler passes
2017-12-30 David KerkeslagerVisual cleanup
2017-12-12 David KerkeslagerReuse the parent stack in current stack frame
2017-12-12 David KerkeslagerUse snapshots of the stack to restore stack to its...
2017-12-12 David KerkeslagerAllocate Fur stacks on the C heap
2017-12-12 David KerkeslagerSet the environment to the same variable name
2017-09-25 David KerkeslagerChange parent_jump to parentJump to conform to previous...
2017-09-25 David KerkeslagerClean up stacks in the case of an exception
2017-09-24 David KerkeslagerAdded a shell script that can be used to run Valgrind...
2017-09-24 David KerkeslagerAdd very rudimentary line numbers to exceptions
2017-09-22 David KerkeslagerSimple exceptions (#6)
2017-09-21 David KerkeslagerMove .output.txt to .stdout.txt to reflect which output...
2017-09-21 David KerkeslagerCapture stderr in integration tests
2017-09-20 David KerkeslagerStart passing around a jump buffer to handle errors
2017-09-14 David KerkeslagerPass arguments to infix operators via the stack
2017-09-14 David KerkeslagerReuse normalize_basic_infix_operation in implementation...
2017-09-14 David KerkeslagerMove desugaring ternary comparison operators into the...
2017-09-02 David KerkeslagerAdd a stack, and use that for function call arguments
2017-09-01 David KerkeslagerAdded a future folder to examples
2017-08-29 David KerkeslagerFix link
2017-08-29 David KerkeslagerAdd structures, fix link
2017-08-29 David KerkeslagerOne more thing it supports
2017-08-29 David KerkeslagerAdded basic README
2017-08-26 David KerkeslagerAdded structs
2017-08-25 David KerkeslagerAdd double-quoted strings
2017-08-24 David KerkeslagerAdd a string concatenation operator
2017-08-18 David KerkeslagerAdded list literals
2017-08-17 David KerkeslagerAdded if expression statements
2017-08-14 David KerkeslagerMake "do" a keyword
2017-08-14 David KerkeslagerRemove TODO with unclear reasoning
2017-08-13 David KerkeslagerNormalize function expressions
2017-08-13 David KerkeslagerNormalize symbol expressions
2017-08-12 David KerkeslagerFixed some TODOs
2017-08-12 David KerkeslagerAdded some todos
2017-08-12 David KerkeslagerNormalize symbol expressions
2017-08-12 David KerkeslagerNormalize literal expressions
2017-08-12 David KerkeslagerPrevent assignment to a builtin variable
2017-08-12 David KerkeslagerAllow the results of function calls to be immediately...
2017-08-12 David KerkeslagerAdd support for parenthesized functions
2017-08-11 David KerkeslagerJust pass through the internals of parentheses, unwrapped
2017-08-11 David KerkeslagerClosures (and garbage collection for environments,...
2017-08-10 David KerkeslagerIgnore symbol folders
2017-08-10 David KerkeslagerAdd a suite of memory leak tests
2017-08-10 David KerkeslagerFinish conditional compilation of operators
2017-08-10 David KerkeslagerDon't compile in some unused operators
2017-08-10 David KerkeslagerClean up expression transformation a bit
2017-08-10 David KerkeslagerAppease -Wall
2017-08-09 David KerkeslagerGo back to constructors and destructors
2017-08-09 David KerkeslagerGo back to allocating environments on the heap