descriptionA programming language for the next millenium.
last changeMon, 23 Aug 2021 21:15:33 +0000 (17:15 -0400)
2021-08-23 David KerkeslagerAdd symbol and structure support master
2021-08-23 David KerkeslagerStart working on the interpeter
2021-08-22 David KerkeslagerAdd an interpreter
2021-01-03 David KerkeslagerMake the . operator into an instruction
2021-01-03 David KerkeslagerMake __field__ take a symbol instead of a string
2021-01-03 David KerkeslagerMake stuctures and lists work
2021-01-03 David KerkeslagerGet all examples compiling, though output is not correct
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerImplemented closures
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerWrap thread properties in getters/setters
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerStart implementing functions
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerImplement variable length arguments, but really only...
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerImplement and/or, introducing jumps and labels
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerImplemented integer comparison
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerAdded booleans
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerImplement negatives, use typedef
2019-10-01 David KerkeslagerImplement pow
2 years ago master