2022-01-14 David KerkeslagerCommit my random junk master
2021-02-12 David KerkeslagerSet 1 challenge 5
2021-02-12 David KerkeslagerSolve set 1 challenge 4, and add forgotten sample text...
2021-02-12 David KerkeslagerSet 1, challenge 3
2021-02-12 David KerkeslagerFinished set 1 challenge 2
2021-02-12 David KerkeslagerMove previous cryptopals work into an Erlang subfolder...
2019-10-22 David KerkeslagerAdd a password generator
2019-09-13 David KerkeslagerIn-place mergesort
2019-09-13 David KerkeslagerAdd a diff utility written in Python
2019-09-13 David KerkeslagerAdded a prime generation library written in Elixir
2016-12-13 David KerkeslagerSolved project euler 3
2016-12-13 David KerkeslagerPlaying around with prolog
2016-12-13 David KerkeslagerSolved project euler 2
2016-12-09 David KerkeslagerAdd solution to first project euler problem in elixir
2016-12-03 David KerkeslagerAdding a minimalist Python web framework
2016-10-09 David KerkeslagerBinary object serialization
2016-10-09 David KerkeslagerStarted implementing object serialization
2016-10-09 David KerkeslagerSerialization/deserialization for lists
2016-10-08 David KerkeslagerSerialize and deserialize strings
2016-10-02 David KerkeslagerAdd serialization/deserialization for binary
2016-10-02 David KerkeslagerAdd text serialization for null, booleans, and integers
2016-09-30 David KerkeslagerMove tagged object into the same module as the tags
2016-09-30 David KerkeslagerMoved tags into their own module
2016-09-30 David KerkeslagerMoved binary into a submodule
2016-09-30 David KerkeslagerImplemented tuple serialization
2016-09-30 David KerkeslagerClean up tests
2016-09-29 David KerkeslagerGenerate stronger Diffie-Hellman parameters
2016-09-29 David KerkeslagerMerge branch 'master' of
2016-09-24 David KerkeslagerAdded string serialization/deserialization
2016-09-24 David KerkeslagerAdded serialization and deserialization for signed...
2016-09-24 David KerkeslagerSimplified tests, added deserialization for unsigned...
2016-09-24 David KerkeslagerSerialization for unsigned integers
2016-09-24 David KerkeslagerHandle stream input in deserialize
2016-09-24 David KerkeslagerAdded serialization for tag-only types
2016-09-10 David KerkeslagerSome examples of bad sanitizers
2016-09-10 David KerkeslagerSome work on the vm
2016-08-02 David KerkeslagerAdd a script that automates setup of a letsencrypt...
2016-07-30 David KerkeslagerWrote a test around the mpsc_queue
2016-07-30 David KerkeslagerAdded a multi producer single consumer queue
2016-07-25 David KerkeslagerWrote a multiple-producer single-consumer lockless...
2016-05-30 David KerkeslagerMerging in stutter
2016-05-30 David KerkeslagerMoving things into a subdirectory in preparation to...
2016-05-30 David KerkeslagerAdded a description
2016-05-30 David KerkeslagerAdding my first attempt at writing a lisp
2016-05-30 David KerkeslagerMoving in my exercise solutions
2016-05-30 David KerkeslagerAdding in my work on LiSP
2016-05-30 David KerkeslagerMerging in 6 year old repo of project euler files
2015-09-01 David Kerkeslager(define) evaluates definition
2015-09-01 David KerkeslagerDefining symbols and retrieving values from them
2015-09-01 David KerkeslagerFunction/applicative calls
2015-09-01 David KerkeslagerBasic empty program returning 0
2010-07-06 David KerkeslagerWeird factorization algorithm.
2010-07-06 David KerkeslagerAdding my solution to a problem from the RethinkDB...
2010-07-06 David KerkeslagerAdding in my random stuff.