2017-05-04 David KerkeslagerAdding some very minor documentation master
2017-05-04 David Kerkeslager"Dual Object Notation" -> "Twofold Object Notation"
2017-05-04 David KerkeslagerSetup information
2017-05-03 David KerkeslagerMore changes for pypi
2017-05-03 David KerkeslagerRename LICENSE to LICENSE.txt to conform to pypi
2017-05-03 David KerkeslagerRemoved support for float and double, use autotag to...
2017-04-14 David KerkeslagerUse autotag in don.string
2017-04-14 David KerkeslagerImplement autotag()
2017-04-14 David KerkeslagerSeparate test_don into test_binary and test_string
2017-04-14 David KerkeslagerConsume leading whitespace in lists and dictionaries
2017-04-14 David KerkeslagerRefactor constant string parsing to use parsing pattern
2017-04-14 David KerkeslagerParse binaries and UTF strings with leading whitespace
2017-04-14 David KerkeslagerParse floats/doubles with leading whitespace
2017-04-14 David KerkeslagerParse constants and integers with leading whitespace
2017-04-14 David KerkeslagerImplemented dictionary parsing
2017-04-13 David KerkeslagerAdded string and list parsing
2017-04-13 David KerkeslagerParse floating point and binaries
2017-04-13 David KerkeslagerImplement integer parsing
2017-04-11 David KerkeslagerStart implementing string deserialization
2017-04-11 David KerkeslagerFurther reorganization
2017-04-11 David KerkeslagerMajor reorganization
2016-04-04 David KerkeslagerAdd a string serializer
2016-04-04 David KerkeslagerMoved binary serialization into the don module directly
2016-04-02 David KerkeslagerCommit initial version of the binary serializer/deseria...
2016-04-02 David KerkeslagerInitial commit