descriptionA minimal Python web framework
last changeSat, 14 Dec 2019 04:40:47 +0000 (23:40 -0500)
2019-12-14 David KerkeslagerFix the charset master
2019-12-14 David KerkeslagerFix a bug in the header generation
2019-12-13 David KerkeslagerFix headers up a bit
2019-12-13 David KerkeslagerAdd support for a bunch more status codes, increment...
2019-12-13 David KerkeslagerAdded support for a few more HTTP status codes
2019-12-13 David KerkeslagerFix a bug in default file not found handler, make creat...
2019-12-13 David KerkeslagerUpdate tests, add subpath routing
2019-12-13 David KerkeslagerDocument build system, add tests
2019-12-13 David KerkeslagerFix build system
2019-11-29 David KerkeslagerDocumentation, back to a lower version after fixing...
2019-11-28 David KerkeslagerAdd
2019-11-28 David KerkeslagerChange the name of the project from phial to fwx, to...
2019-11-28 David KerkeslagerAdd
2019-11-28 David KerkeslagerFix exception from improperly imported http.cookies
2019-10-23 David KerkeslagerLicense under AGPL
2019-10-23 David KerkeslagerCreate a router for methods
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